6 Features Every His and Hers Closet Needs

Courtesy of Closet Factory

The old adage "sharing is caring" might be a tad overplayed, but it rings very true when it comes to merging your closet with your man's. A well-thought-out his and her closet design will save couples serious time (and sleep)—not to mention make married life blissfully clutter-free. Whether you've been living together for years or you just bought your first house, consider upgrading your space and restoring order in the closet with these five must-have features. Or heck, just add 'em to the registry.

1. Adjustable Shelves and Rods

Because who knows how many shoes you'll own in a few years, right? According to Vice President of Closet Factory, Paris Bernhardt, an adjustable closet system gives couples the freedom to switch up their space as their needs and habits change, which they inevitably will over time. You can modify shelf height to accommodate those new kicks or do away with them altogether if more hanging space is what you really need.

2. Strategically-Placed LED Light Strips

Perfect for couples with different work schedules, LED light strips can be placed on the underside of shelves to light up closet sections without brightening the entire room just to find a shirt, says Bernhardt. "Plus, they look great and lend any closet a modern look."

3. Valet Rods

Another good idea for couples that don't rise and shine at the same time! As Bernhardt points out, valet rods provide you with a place to set up outfits for the following day, saving you both time and from waking your sleeping partner. "They also make packing and putting dry cleaning away easier too."

4. A Pullout Shelf or Small Built-In Countertop

Can't stand clutter? Us either! A pullout shelf that acts as a temporary countertop is a great way to reduce it in other areas of the room, informs Bernhardt. "Pull it out when you need a place to lay your clothing or jewelry in lieu of the bed or floor, and simply push it back into place and out of the way once you're done."

5. Clip-On Shelf Dividers

So you can stay organized while making the most of the space you do have. "Dividers help couples section off areas of their closet into smaller, more manageable sections," notes Bernhardt. "They come in various materials, including Lucite and metal, and are fantastic for storing handbags, caps and folded items."

6. False Bottom Drawers

Shh, don't tell! "Found in 10-12 inch tall drawers, a false bottom hides the lower four inches of the inside of the drawer, giving you the ability to store private documents or valuable possessions, like watches and jewelry, secretly beneath your clothing," explains Bernhardt. The perfect hiding place for your engagement and wedding rings at night, no?

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