8 Father of the Groom Duties and Responsibilities for the Wedding

Hint: It's more than just making a toast at the reception


It's not just the father of the bride that has major responsibilities on the wedding day—there's plenty for the father of the groom to take care of, as well. From hosting the rehearsal dinner to greeting guests, dads should make sure all these boxes are checked as they get ready for their son's big day.

Father of the Groom Responsibilities
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1. Order His Tux or Suit

If the father of the groom doesn't already have a suit on standby, he'll need to buy or rent his suit—and this should be done sooner rather than later. When the groom and the groomsmen are ordering their attire (ideally five months before the wedding), the groom's dad can tag along and get his own suit or tux. If the wedding party is getting a discount, he'll be eligible for the discount, as well.

2. Host (or Attend) the Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally, the groom's parents host the rehearsal dinner, which is the groom's father's opportunity to act as the host for the evening, helping plan the event in honor of his son and his soon-to-be-life-partner.

3. Hang Out with the Guys the Morning of the Wedding

If the groom and his father are close, he might want to invite his dad to join him as he and his groomsmen get ready the morning of the wedding, whether it's an early round of golf or hanging out and watching football as they put on their tuxedos. He'll be extra handy when it comes time to tie the groom's bowtie.

4. Walk the Groom's Mother Down the Aisle

Chief among father-of-the-groom duties is walking the groom's mother down the aisle. If the groom's parents are divorced and the father is remarried, he should, instead, escort his new wife down the aisle and to her seat.

5. Greet Guests in the Receiving Line

If the bride and groom are having a receiving line, he should participate as well, standing alongside the bride's parents and welcoming guests. Even if the groom's family isn't contributing to the cost of the wedding, the groom's parents should act as co-hosts, welcoming everyone and making sure they're comfortable throughout the evening.

6. Give a Toast

It's not just the father of the bride that has to grab the mic during the reception—traditionally, there's a father-of-the-groom speech, as well.

7. Dance with the Bride and the Bride's Mother

Once dancing starts, the father of the groom should make a point to dance with the bride, as well as the bride's mother.

8. Mix and Mingle

Last but not least on the list of father-of-the-groom responsibilities is mixing and mingling with everyone.

Throughout the evening, he should socialize with guests, especially his new in-laws—after all, everyone's family now.

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