Everything the Father-of-the-Bride Needs to Do Before, During, and After the Wedding

Jack Jeffries for Christian Oth Studio

You may joke that the father-of-the-bride's sole responsibility is to cut the check, but there's actually a lot more to his esteemed position than you may think. Sure, the mother-of-the-bride may be organizing dress fittings and floral arrangements, keeping the planner and bride at bay and even scout venues, but the father can be just as involved. Here, what's expected of the father-of-the-bride on his little girl's big day!

Aside from the well-known father-of-the-bride responsibilities — giving his daughter away and dancing with her at the reception — there's a lot more to his role in the wedding. First, he can be as involved as he wants to be. Like the mother-of-the-bride, he can help the couple scout venues and help set-up guest's travel arrangements if he's savvy in that way. He can also take charge of the directions to the celebration and even coordinate the map print-outs for the invitations. Also like the mother-of-the-bride he should inform the father-of-the-groom is he needs to be wearing matching formalwear.

As for the wedding day itself, the father of the bride will ride in the limousine with the bride and escorts her into the ceremony site (before, of course, giving her away). He also ensure's the bar is stocked and that everything the day of is running smoothly. One of his more fun jobs is to give a toast to the new couple. As host of the wedding, he also needs to stay until every guest leaves and check that all of the logistical items (such as caterer bills, coat check, restroom attendants, parking, etc. is taken care of and tipped).

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