Fashion Trends Not to Try on Your Wedding Day

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If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then fashion is the close friend who completes her circle. Style is unique to each and every one of us, but trends come and go to serve as fun ways to spice up our everyday looks or ways to try out something altogether new and bold. Even bridal wear captures trends each season (hello crop tops!), but brides to be must remember that just because it is being sold, does not mean that it is meant to be worn on one of the most important days of your life.

This summer, fashion has a slew of great seasonal fads, but most of them just do not work for a wedding. If you're on the fence about how trendy to be for your wedding day, here are five pieces to avoid during your wedding festivities.

Bandage dresses (above): Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of your most beautiful moments ever. It isn't just about your body or your face, but also about the happiness and confidence that are emanating from your entire being. There is no need to be coy or demure for your own nuptials, but there isn't any reason to show everything you have either. Bandage dresses should be left for where they work best — the club or a night out where being sultry is on the menu.

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Birkenstocks: You should definitely embrace comfort for your wedding day if possible, as it is a marathon and not a sprint. With that being said, there are some pieces that are a bit too wearable: Birkenstocks fall towards the top of that list. Though they look great with a pair of cutoffs and are great choices for a festival, they are not good complements for a wedding dress or even for your reception. Opt for a pair of sandals that are simple, not chunky to accent your romantic looks for the occasion.

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Culottes: Let's be honest; culottes are impossibly chic. They have a retro-inspired flair that's very hard to resist, but they are not the most flattering silhouette. Though the pomp and circumstance of your wedding calls for glamour, a bride should never go too far as to wear something that detracts from her natural beauty or upstages her entirely. Save the culottes for days in the office or even stylish cocktail parties.

Photo: Nordstrom

Destructed denim: Nothing ripped or destructed has any place during your wedding. It is also a serious occasion, so leave all casual things at home where they can be picked up again for a later time — like your honeymoon.

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Harem pants: Harem pants are pretty glorious and measure up as one of the most comfortable pieces one can wear without slipping on sweatpants or leggings. As you wouldn't wear the latter two styles to your wedding, you definitely shouldn't wear the former. Not to mention, they are wildly unflattering. They should remain in your closet until casual Fridays or weekends come around.

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