Best Man Who Went Viral for Fainting at Wedding Explains What Happened

Shockingly, he and the groom are still friends.

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There are only a few things on the list of best-man duties: Stand by the groom on his big day, calm his nerves, and kill the wedding speech. What’s not on the list? Fainting in the middle of the ceremony and nearly derailing the entire day.

In a now-viral wedding video, Tyanna and Denis are standing under a beautiful pergola trying to get married when Denis’s best man, Jestin, suddenly falls, face first, onto the hard concrete surface. Besides being in the middle of the ceremony, the moment was even more poorly timed as it came as the maid of honor Saung was singing an emotional rendition of Ruelle’s “I Get to Love You.”

“I didn’t know him before, so I thought it was a weird prank,” Saung said of the moment on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “And then I thought he was dead.”

Based on the video, the latter definitely seemed possible. Luckily an EMT and firefighter were among the guests, but it wasn’t pretty. In addition to several broken teeth and a busted chin, Jestin appeared to have a big wet spot at the front of his pants—which he claims isn’t what you think it is.

“It wasn’t, I didn’t pee my pants,” he told Kimmel. “It was water because [when] my chin split open, they put water on my neck so my head was hanging down. So it totally looks like I peed myself, but it’s okay. I’ll go with it.”

What’s even more unbelievable is that Jestin's fainting had nothing to do with any pre-ceremony shots or post-bachelor-party struggles. “No, I wasn’t drunk, I wasn’t hung over,” he said. “I just didn’t have enough water and [there was] heat and we had a lot of fire so a lot of smoke. And of course, I locked my knees.”

Even though Jestin spent the rest of the day in the hospital, the wedding was salvaged by Denis’s stepdad, who read the best man's speech in his place.

“Denis, at any point did you regret picking Jestin to be your best man?” Kimmel asked.

“No, no, I love him,” Denis said, “I still do.”

Now, that’s true friendship.

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