4 Wild Facts About Wedding Flowers

Updated 01/27/15

Melissa Oholendt

Before you start fawning over flowers on Pinterest or mentally creating your centerpieces, there are a few fun facts you might want to know about some of your favorite wedding flowers first (like how expensive peonies are!). We asked four florists on BloomNation.com to reveal some interesting tidbits about the wedding flowers that are all the rage right now.

1. Baby's breath is trendy now (plus, it has a new name!)

Boho brides, there's a new flower in town...er, sort of! According to Dave Pellew, owner of English Garden Florist in Las Vegas, Nevada, baby's breath used to be one of the most undesirable flowers in floral history (yep!), right up there next to carnations and chrysanthemums, until the last couple of years. So why the sudden interest then? Apparently, all it took was a little makeover. Now referred to by its botanical name, Gypsophila paniculata, girls are going gaga for it. "Under its new disguise, Gypsophila has become something exciting and trendy," explains Pellew.

2. Roses are the most popular wedding flower in the world

Yo Sup Kim, Co-Manager at Joy Flower Shop in Carmichael, California, says roses are currently the most popular wedding flower worldwide (watch out Valentine's Day!). Not only do they preserve well, but there are literally hundreds of color options to choose from too. The white rose, in particular, is associated with innocence, purity and marriage, making it the perfect choice for brides. Another fun fact: "The oldest fossils of roses were discovered in Colorado and date as far back as 35 million years," notes Kim.

3. Peonies are one of the priciest wedding flowers

If you're hoping to have some pretty peonies on your big day (spring brides, rejoice!), you better double-check your budget because they definitely don't come cheap. "While peonies are very popular, they're not in season very long and are one of the most expensive flowers you can use other than the lily-of-the-valley," reveals Chantal Dodson, Owner of Malibu Garden Florist in Malibu, CA. They can be ordered for late fall and winter weddings, but they will be even more expensive, adds Nick Vlahos, Owner at Eva's Garden Flowers in New York, NY.

4. Lilacs are only in season a few weeks

Yep, seriously! Lilac may be a popular wedding flower, however, it's only in season for three weeks out of the year (in the spring), says Dodson. As you can imagine, if you want it at another time, it'll cost you a pretty penny and will have to be imported.

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