Expert Secrets for Getting a Wedding-Ready Body

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Brides-to-be: If you're slimming down before your wedding day, take a look at Victoria's Secret—and not just for the wedding night lingerie ideas. Instead, consider the amazing, bikini-ready bodies of its models! If you've ever caught a glimpse of the winged "angels" at the Victoria's Secret fashion show or peeked at the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, you've seen the work of personal trainer Justin Gelband.

Candice Swanepoel, Kate Upton, and Irina Shayk are just a few of the models he slims and trims with his signature mashup of mixed martial arts, boxing, yoga, and Pilates. "I've trained with Justin for so many years that he can get my body in shape in three to four days," says Swanepoel, a Victoria's Secret regular who also walked in the Michael Kors and Jason Wu fall 2012 shows. "He's really motivating."

Brides are some of Gelband's favorite—and most motivated—clients. "I had one who lost like eight dress sizes for her wedding," he says. "I actually love doing that. It's fun." Fun? Well, yes—mixed with plenty of hard work. If you adopt Gelband's rules, which he has woven into the ModelFit classes he teaches in New York and L.A., you'll be in fighting form for your big day. Here, the celebrity and supermodel trainer shares his top five rules for a wedding-ready body.

Get in the Ring

Gelband swears by boxing for firming the arms, core, and legs. But he's not so keen on jumping rope, a boxing-training staple. Though it's a fat-torcher, he says, "It can make you gain muscle in your legs."

It's All About Intervals

While cardio's a must, focus on repeatedly revving up and slowing down, rather than maintaining a steady pace. This will boost your metabolism, fueling a greater calorie burn. You know that "hills" plan on the elliptical? The one that has you huffing and puffing as you churn through endless peaks and valleys? It's your new best friend.

Think Long and Lean, Not Muscular

Every bride has a different definition of gorgeous, and if yours features super-strong legs, go for it. But for Gelband's model clients, ultra-lithe legs are the goal. That means a long list of no-nos, including lunges and squats.

Nix the Booze, Salt, and Sugar

If you're serious about looking amazing for your wedding, back off these notorious bloaters. But in no way does that mean you have to starve yourself. "Every bride I know loses five pounds a few days before she gets married," Gelband says. "It's just natural stress and nerves."

Mix It Up

Want to move the needle on pre-wedding weight loss and firming? Dip into as many fitness disciplines as possible. "If your body gets used to doing the same thing, it gets too adjusted," says Gelband. "It doesn't want to find results the same way."

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