Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo Plan a Summer Wedding

The bride-to-be also dropped details about her dress

Mireya Acierto

After announcing last month that ABC will not be giving them a televised wedding, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo have started nailing down details for the wedding they are throwing themselves.

Lindsay spoke with Entertainment Tonight earlier this week to reveal her plans for a summer destination wedding. "I am ready!”, Lindsay said. “I just announced on Instagram literally today that it is summer 2019 that we are getting married, the latter part of summer. I haven't announced the official date yet. It will be a destination wedding in a warmer location, closer to Colombia, where Bryan's from, but it's not in Colombia."

While “close to Colombia” could mean a few things—Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Panama all border the South American country—it sounds like they’ve settled on a tropical location. In her aforementioned Instagram post she also revealed wedding planner Michael Russo will be helping her plan the perfect day.

“O-M-G It’s happening!” the bride-to-be wrote alongside a photo with Russo. “Wedding planner ✅. Thank you @mikierusso for making me a bride! I’m beyond excited. I cant wait to take you all along this journey and share details with you. Countdown to making RnB official 👰🏾🤵🏻♥️ #summer2019 #rnb #bridetobe”

Lindsay also told People she will taking a hands-off approach when it comes to planning with Russo and is “letting him take the reins.”

“I’m just putting a list together, a little detail, and letting him take control of it,” she told the magazine. “I’m not a bridezilla. I don’t have colors, I don’t have flowers, I’m just like, ‘Let’s get it done!’ ”

One thing she does have is a guest list—and it’s a long one. "I am doing things a little different than I thought, so I'm excited," she said. "I wanted a 50 person wedding. We're already at 150!"

As for the bridal party, that may be one area where she sticks to her original, intimate plans."I'm not going to have bridesmaids—maybe [just] my sisters," Lindsay said. "I'm 33, so at this point, I would have like, 15 bridesmaids, and it's just too much. So I will say that there'll be bachelorette-maids for the party."

Lindsay also has her wedding dress designer picked out. As previously rumored, Randi Rahm will make her dress. Rahm was a big part of Lindsay’s Bachelorette journey, where she met and got engaged to Abasolo during season 13. "She did the dress that I met the guys in the first night [and] she designed the dress that Bryan proposed to me in, so it only makes sense that that's who I go with to design my wedding dress that I'm walking down the aisle to Bryan in," Lindsay said. "I'm very, very excited...we're hitting the ground running. [I've] gotta go to New York, get fitted!"

Lindsay hopes to bring in more meaningful elements in to the reception. “Bryan is Colombian, I’m Black, and it is very important that the wedding reflects...that even into the reception,” she told People. “I want to bring some Colombian traditions. A lot of his family from Colombia will be there, because the wedding will be at a location much closer to Colombia.”

She continued, “My vision is to bring two cultures together. This is two families coming together, and that is the one thing that I am a stickler to: I want that music to be represented, I want those traditions, and whatever else his mother tells me is part of the tradition that is part of the culture to be there.”

While she hopes to bring in her fiancé’s traditions, she also wants to showcase their nontraditional love story.

“I have found love in a very untraditional way and we want to share our journey with people,” she added. “And so that’s why it has become bigger than I would like, but it is a beautiful thing.”

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