Exclusive: Essie Teams Up with Reem Acra for a Dreamy Bridal Nail Polish Collection

Brides-to-be will be obsessed

Updated 02/15/18

Courtesy of Essie

Essie's latest collaboration is with beloved bridal designer Reem Acra, and we couldn't be more excited. Arriving just in time for spring wedding season, the Essie Gel Couture Wedding Collection by Reem Acra consists of six limited-edition nail polish shades in Essie's 2-step gel couture system, and is perfect for rings selfies, wedding days, and everything in between!

A sense of enchantment, which the designer compares to opening up a jewelry box filled with sentimental pieces, along with the women that are closest to a bride-to-be are what inspired Acra's latest (beauty) collection. "In all my designs I want to bring an element of magic," she explains. "This Essie gel couture wedding collection is about the intimate moment shared with the bride and the women closest to her—her grandmother, her mother, her dearest friends."

"The Essie gel couture line is not only stunning, but also practical," Acra tells us. "As someone who works with their hands as part of my craft, I was impressed by the long-lastingness of the range and the precision of the application. This attention to detail is part of my design DNA, so the fit was natural." In fact, Acra meticulously worked on the collection with Essie for a year before giving us a glimpse at the new shades, which she explains took a lot of planning. "First, I started with a story, my signature colors and fabric swatches to ground us in where we wanted to go with the shades," she says. "[The collection] really brings to life the intimate details of getting reading for the big day and I wanted to ensure it came to life in a Reem Acra way."

Courtesy of Essie

We asked the designer to walk us through the story behind each shade, and here's what she had to say:

Picture Perfect: "This white color infused with pearls gives depth to the meaning of commitment. It is pure and loaded with history of my background. My father bought me a jewelry box as a little girl, and it always had these loose pearls."

Getting Intricate: "The color blue is not just any color—it really has the spirit of good luck. Blue has always been a color of luck [and is] a must for the bridal party to use it in one way or another."

You're Golden: "There is never a collection of mine without the color gold—it is my signature shade. After all, it also symbolizes my jewelry box world."

Handmade of Honor: "This shade of pink polish is natural yet regal. It gives the hint of purity and friendship, something you depend on your designated maid of honor for."

Moments to Mrs.: "We all need a boost of color to remind us of the good life and all the opportunities we have. This lead shade for the collection helps to celebrate friendship, the union of two people and two families, as well as the beginning of the promise of a new life."

Forever Family: "Family is forever, and so is the color red. It is a color of passion, energy, and love. When I think about how important it must be for family—or friends that feel like family—to be present, I knew I wanted this shade to be red."

Courtesy of Essie

The limited-edition Essie Gel Couture Wedding Collection by Reem Acra will be available March 2018 and retail for $12 each.

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