Details from Eric Paslay's Wedding to Natalie Harker!

Updated 06/05/15

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Eric Paslay wasn't kidding when he said his engagement was going to be a short one! The country star, who popped the question over the holidays, married longtime-friend-turned-girlfriend Natalie Harker on April 26, only four months after he proposed. And for such a quick turnaround, it looks like, according to the pictures of the country-chic wedding, the affair was a gorgeous one.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing come the wedding day. Harker reportedly suffered from a bout of cold feet. "I had no doubts about the groom — he's the one thing I'm sure of," Harker told People. "But the thought of being in front of all those people was terrifying for me."

Lucky for her, Paslay decided to meet her and walk her down the aisle, arm-in-arm. Once he arrived the fears subsided, and she and her Vera Wang dress glowed.

"It was an amazing moment. I just went down, lifted her veil, and she was gorgeous," Paslay said of the special moment. "We got to take our last walk together as an engaged couple and our next walk as a married couple."

The country couple hosted 200 guests, who dined on steak and pasta before getting down on the dance floor. "We clipped through everything fast — from sitting down and eating, to toasts and cutting the cake, so we could have the rest of the night free and just dance," Harker explains. "We had a ball. We just let go and got lost in each other."

Part of the fun? Her wardrobe change into a silky Johanna Johnson number she could dance in.

"It was a magical moment," Paslay says of the entire wedding. "Natalie planned the whole wedding, and it's amazing how it all looked. It was truly awesome."

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