Engagement Shoot Ideas for People Who Hate Engagement Shoots

Ditch the stiff poses and snap some pics that are truly YOU

India Earl Casual Engagement Photo

Photo by India Earl via Instagram

If you are anything like me and fall under the category of "I hate seeing pictures of myself" or "posing for pictures is the bane of my existence," then engagement photos are probably not high on your list of priorities.

Lots of times, they are covered in your wedding photography package for free and come in handy for wedding Web sites (but I'm guessing if you are reading this, you may not be the wedding Web site type, either), so despite how uncomfortable they make you feel, you may be glad you took them. Here are some engagement shoot tips for the weary.

1. Don't Take Them too Seriously

Caitlyn Campbell Awkward Engagement Photo Shoot
Zoee Davis of Evergreen Film Co. via Instagram

If you two are a lighthearted couple, then let your pictures be lighthearted. There are no steadfast rules when it comes to engagement pictures, so feel free to break any preconceived notions you may have had. This couple had an epic session that ended up going viral with mom jeans and over-the-top PDA at a playground. And guess what—people loved it!

Funny Engagement Photo Shoot Idea
via Imgur
Awkward Engagement Photo Shoot Idea
via Imgur

These couples took awkward to the next level and undoubtedly blew up some news feeds the next day. Your pictures should show off your personality, especially if they will make you LOL for years to come.

2. Take Them Doing Something You Both Love

Skydiving Engagement Photo
Rick Neves via Flickr

If posing for pictures on the beach at sunset or in a park doesn't seem like your thing, then don't do it. Let these photos be a reflection of you and the things you enjoy most as a couple.

Star Wars Engagement Photos
Jenny Thai Photography

If skydiving is your jam, then get daring and go for it! Maybe dressing up like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia is more up your alley, and so you book a shoot at Comic-Con. If Netflix and chill is always on your to-do list, then have the photographer snap pictures of you two being cozy at home.

3. Don't Take Them at All

Casual Engagement Photos
Olive Photography

This is a wedding between the two of you. That being said, don't do anything you don't want to do. If engagement photos cost extra and you'd rather spend the money elsewhere, then by all means, do so.

Use candid shots from over the years instead of professional ones for the wedding if you need them. If an engagement session is included, you may be able to negotiate with the photographer to get an album of your wedding photos instead. You have options. So, if you really hate the idea of engagement pictures, then to hell with 'em!

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