The Engagement Manicure Trends You Need to Know for the Perfect Ring Selfie

'Tis the season for ring selfies!

Updated 12/21/17

Ten Over Ten

Engagement season is officially here, which means a flawless manicure is a major must at all times. It's time to find that perfect neutral nail polish and treat yourself to a salon visit prior to your S.O. popping the question—the countdown is on!

Meanwhile, if you're recently engaged, then it's all the more reason to step up your mani game—all eyes will be on you and your new sparkler and you don't want to be caught with chipped nails or raggedy cuticles. Plus, you've got yourself a selfie to take!

So before you clue in all your followers to your new relationship status, prep your fingers with a mani to go with your new ring; no one will be able to resist double-tapping!

Don't know where to start? You're in luck: We chatted with Tenoverten founder Nadine Abramcyk, who gave us the low-down on the top engagement manicure trends of the season.


"Newly-engaged women are religious about changing their color at least once a week to have pristine nails when showing off their ring," says Nadine Abramcyk. As for the trending shades among brides-to-be, it's all about a classic red or light pink hue. "They tend to choose a color that will take a polite back seat to the main event, which is their new ring," she explains. "It's rare to see a woman come in and ask for a bold color soon after a proposal." If you're still on the fence about your engagement mani color, Abramcyk says a sheer white is flattering on all skin tones and won't be as noticeable when it chips. "I love our Tenoverten shade Washington ($18). The sheer shade transcends seasons and complements any ring."

Hand and Nail Care

Whether or not you choose to polish your nails, one thing is for sure: You're going to want to stock up on your favorite hand cream in the event of a ring selfie. "Always make sure your hands are well-moisturized before snapping a pic of them, in particular around the nail bed where the cuticles can look dry," says Abramcyk. "To prevent redness in the cuticle area, I would suggest regularly applying a cuticle oil." We're huge fans of the clutch-sized tube of Byredo Gypsy Water Hand Cream ($36) and the easy-to-use OPI Cuticle Oil To Go ($10) that you can easily swipe over cuticles on the go.

Nail Art

If you're the nail art type, listen up! Abramcyk says another engagement manicure trend is subtle nail art. "Engaged women will definitely flirt with subtle nail art such as a negative space manicure or dual-tone French manicure." When it comes to color selection, Abramcyk says the classics reign supreme in this case too.

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