WATCH: An Engaged Couple Ages 70 Years in 5 Minutes

Updated 05/15/15

Every engaged couple dreams of growing old together, but practically no one gets to experience it in a matter of hours. Thanks to Cut's Field Day series, Kristie and Tavis, who are set to get married next month, saw themselves age from their late 20s to their 90s with the help of some truly talented makeup artists.

The college sweethearts sat next to each other and submitted themselves to the sped-up aging process — and some deep emotions — for all to see. "My mom thinks this is the coolest thing ever," Kristie says at the start. "She said 'What a treat for us? Because we'll be gone when you're that age. To get to see that...' It's a neat way to think about it."

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The first age progression is to their late 50s, and they're clearly thrilled to check each other out. "I hope you look like this," says a delighted Tavis. "You look fantastic." They both hilariously groan at the idea of having teenagers before the next round of makeup comes along.

Within moments, they're in their 70s, an age that evokes a stronger emotional reaction. "I'm pretty happy with the way that she looks, yeah," Tavis says, still thrilled. Kristie? Not so much. "I look like my grandma," she opines as tears come to her eyes.

"I can't help but think about what the potential lat 50 years were," Tavis adds, as he, too, begins to cry. "To see her look like this makes me just think of where we have gone to be next to each other looking like this. What would've happened in between."

These two are more than ready to get married, obviously, but nothing could have prepared them for the shock of seeing their next age: 90 years old. The tears instantly roll, even as the cameraman asks if they'll still be sexually active. The real tearjerker, though is when they're asked to recite the last words they'll say to each other.

"We should write these down, because we're writing our own vows," Kristie notes. A little morbid, but she's not wrong! At the end of it all, they kiss a few times, full makeup and all.

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