This Engagement Ring Cut Is the New Celeb Favorite

A jeweler explains why Hollywood's A-listers love the style

Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Move over, oval cuts. A new engagement ring style is sweeping the nation—or at least Hollywood! Emerald-cut engagement rings have become increasingly popular among celebrities, and it’s pretty obvious why.

The elongated, rectangular diamond is built for brilliance. “It’s definitely a beautiful stone, definitely one of our best-selling stones,” Raphi Mahgerefteh, diamond expert and CEO of tells Brides. “I think why it’s so popular among celebrities is the elongated shape. It just has a lot of higher brilliance and a lot of beauty.”

Its unique cuts and angular lines capture the diamond's clarity and helps it catch the light for a dramatic and elegant effect. Not to mention, its rectangular shape means it follows the length of the finger and not the width, which means you can go crazy with the number of carats on the bauble (a staple for A-listers).

The most popular example is Alex Rodriguez, who chose a blinding emerald-cut ring to propose to Jennifer Lopez earlier this month. Lopez’s emerald-cut solitaire takes up the entire upper region of her finger. The couple hasn't shared any details about it themselves, but jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb estimated it to be between 12 and 15 carats with a price tag of $1 million.

And earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence got engaged to her Crooke Mulroney, also opting for an emerald-cut engagement ring for the famous Jennifer. Over the years, Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Mariah Carey have also been among the famous brides to rock this cut—which seems to be spreading well past Hollywood.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

“Since Jennifer Lopez got engaged we are seeing more emerald cuts,” Mahgerefteh says. The emerald cut is in the brand’s top three best-selling stones, behind round and cushion cut.

Mahgerefteh also notes that over the past five years oval-shaped stones have been more popular—until now. It makes sense though, as the two cuts have the same desirable characteristics. “The elongated shape does make it appear bigger than something like a princess cut which is just a square shape, and I think that’s one of the reasons that people were going for oval,” he says. “Compared to a round the oval looks bigger because of the elongated shape and it’s the same thing with emerald cut.”

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Even if you won't be joining the double-digit-carat club like your favorite celebs, an emerald-cut stone can still be a glamorous option. After all, a 3-carat emerald cut will look larger than a 3-carat round stone; so for brides wanting more bling for their buck it might be the best choice.

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