Ed Sheeran Stopped Making Music for a Year to Travel the World With His Fiancée

“I haven’t properly formed relationships with people."

Updated 09/05/18

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

After quietly dating for about three years, Ed Sheeran and his fiancée, Cherry Seaborn, became engaged over the winter. (That ring, swoon!) The couple grew up and attended school together as friends, with the romantic aspect of their relationship only kicking off as adults in 2015, in the midst of Sheeran’s ascension as a global superstar. While the duo have generally remained private about their courtship—so private that they may have already secretly wedded—Sheeran is now opening up about how important it was for him to take a year off work to advance their relationship.

“I ended the tour and I [realized] I hadn’t ever really lived a life,” he explained to People in a new interview. “It’s quite weird being a touring ‘celebrity.’ People assume you’re living the best f*cking life in the world, but you don’t really get to live any life because you work the whole time. I was like ‘f*ck, I’m 25, I left school early and went straight into touring. I haven’t properly formed relationships with people so I needed to have a year off and spend it with friends and family and Cherry and actually become a human being.”

Sheeran’s work and social media break amassed the entirety of 2016, and during that time, he and Seaborn traveled the world together and became inseparable as a result. “Fiji was pretty cool. We did a road trip of Australia that was great. Fourth of July, that was fun coming to America. Lots of things! We did a road trip of Italy,” he said. “She hadn’t really done anything either, so it was an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other and live life a little bit.”

In fact, some of their private photos and videos will soon be shown in Sheeran’s new Apple Music documentary, Songwriter, even though Sheeran was a bit skeptical at first. “She’s awesome, but I was against having her in the documentary just because I like to keep my personal life private,” he explained. “But I think it’s such a split second of it and it does just capture what she’s like. It’s nice for people to see a little bit of that!” We have a feeling his fans will agree.

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