Ed Sheeran Is Probably, Almost Definitely, Already Married to Cherry Seaborn

How "Perfect."

Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

We're just "Thinking Out Loud" here, but how "Perfect" would love song extraordinaire Ed Sheeran's wedding be to his former schoolmate, Cherry Seaborn? Well, much to our disdain, the two may have already tied the knot.

Sheeran, who announced his engagement in December via Instagram, sat down with Access yesterday to talk about his upcoming Songwriter documentary, and naturally his nuptials were a leading conversation topic.

"What about the wedding details?" the interviewer asked Sheeran the important questions we've all been dying to know. "Have you picked a date? Do you know where? Do you know when yet?" Get this: Sheeran oh-so-coyly responded by merely lifting up his left hand to flaunt a ring on THAT finger.

After the interviewer offered his congratulations, he asked the singer/songwriter, "How did you sneak that one!?"

"I never really do anything too public anyway," Sheeran replied. We'll say.

Although the 27-year-old didn't officially confirm or deny his alleged impromptu marriage, Sheeran was first spotted wearing what appeared to be a wedding band at the 2018 Brit Awards back in February, just a month after his engagement went public. But, it seems he was simply hopping on the male engagement ring trend.

"I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings," the Grammy-award winning artist told Lorraine, a British talk show, earlier in the year. "It’s the same commitment either way." He also added that his future bride (er, perhaps current bride?) made the band herself.

Reports also circulated in March that Sheeran planned to build a small, nondenominational chapel on the grounds of his Suffolk County, England home, after he sent building plans to the Suffolk Coastal District Council. According to The Sun, he and Seaborn would likely use this locale as their own wedding venue, but his planning was thrown for a loop in June when a protected species, the great-crested newt, was found on the premises. You don't hear that wedding planning horror story every day.

Whether in Sheeran's own "Castle Chapel on the Hill" or not, we couldn't be "Happier" if he and Seaborn did in fact privately tie the knot...as long as no newts were involved in the big day.

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