Wedding Favors Your Guests Won't Leave on the Table: 10 Sip-able Ideas

Updated 09/02/14

Jose Villa

Sending guests home with something delicious to drink is a wedding favor everyone will appreciate. Plus, with so many creative beverage options out there, you'll have no problem choosing a drink that perfectly complements your wedding theme or season (perhaps something icy cold if you're marrying in the summertime, or a to-go cup filled with hot cocoa for a winter wedding). These 10 sip-able wedding favor ideas are delicious, easy, and very memorable.

Mini Flasks of Tea and Lemonade (& Vodka!) (above): Give guests a personalized glass flask filled with tea and lemonade (and vodka upon request!).

Champagne (in a can!): How festive are these mini cans of sparkling wine?

Photo: Troy Grover

Limoncello: Up for a DIY project? Whip up some homemade limoncello and send guests home with a bottle — they'll remember your wedding when they're sipping it at home.

Homemade Moonshine: Bottle up some flavored hooch and display the labeled bottles near the reception exit for guests to grab as they depart from the reception.


Photo: The Gemmers

Herbal Elixir: This Portland couple made batches of their homemade herbal elixir (ingredients included local botanicals, apples, black currants, maple, and orange peel) to give to friends and family.

Milk and Cookies: A carton of milk + a package of homemade cookies = the perfect take-home treat.

Home-Brewed Beer: This couple gave out bottles of home-brewed beer that the groom and his cousin crafted and bottled in their kitchen.

Bourbon: Mini bottles of brown-sugar bourbon with hand-calligraphed tags doubled as wedding favors and escort cards.

Vodka: This Texas couple passed out miniature bottles of locally made vodka paired with recipe cards of their favorite cocktails for their guests to enjoy at home.

Maker's Mark and Coke: Pass out miniature bottles of your favorite cocktail ingredients, like Coca-Cola and Maker's Mark (with a package of peanuts, of course), as a personalized wedding favor.

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