Property Brothers ' Drew Scott Designed His Fiancé's Engagement Ring (and It's Gorgeous!)

Here are all the details on the bride's new bling

Updated 12/20/16

Getty Images for HGTV

We already knew that Drew Scott had a serious eye for home design thanks to his hit show, Property Brothers. But who would've guessed that the HGTV hunk was also such a pro at jewelry design? Scott recently popped the question, proposing to his longtime love Linda Phan last week with an engagement ring, it turns out, he designed himself! Here are all the details on the bride's new bling.

Last week, the nuptial news hit that one of the Property Brothers was officially a groom-to-be. Drew Scott pulled off an epic proposal plan that included a fancy Toronto restaurant, Train's "Marry Me," and Dr. Seuss. (Yep.) Scott previously recorded his own rendition of the Train hit (video below), which he had play at Toronto's Piano Piano restaurant where he was dining with Phan. Then, a waiter appeared, carrying out a cake that was decorated with illustrations from one of Phan's favorite stories, Dr. Seuss's Oh the Places You'll Go, with the title getting a new romantic spin and changed to "Oh the Places We'll Go." OMG.

And if all that wasn't enough to get Phan to screaming "Yes!" on the top of the lungs, the ring certainly did the trick!

According to People, Scott designed his fiancé's engagement ring himself.

"I had an image in mind for this ring long before I designed it," Scott told the celebrity news site. "Linda doesn't wear rings often and because she's so petite when she does they are typically a small, simple, classy look. However I wanted to design a ring that still had a little style so I incorporated a four-prong swirl solitaire mount for the 14-karat white gold ring."

The resulting bauble is a 1.2 carat brilliant round-cut solitaire sparkler. Swoon... "I've had to be as stealthy as a ninja to pull this off," said the HGTV star, noting that he had to carry the ring around for weeks before the big moment came.

Bravo, dude.

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