Should Mothers of the Bride and Groom Coordinate Dresses?

Tracy and Arjav

Photo by Caroline Yoon


Whether your mom wants to coordinate her outfit with your closest gal pals or select a dress that makes her stand out on her own on your wedding day, our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your mother-of-the-bride (and groom!) dress questions in our daily post.

What's the dress-buying protocol for moms? Should my mom and my fiancé's mother coordinate outfits?

Back in the day, the bride's mother would pick her dress first—usually, it complemented the bridesmaid's gowns—then inform the groom's mom so she could coordinate. You could go that route, or you could give them a break and let each pick an outfit she looks and feels great in. But feel free to set some parameters (level of formality, colors you'd prefer they not wear, etc.).

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