5 Women Dish on Their Dream Proposals

Updated 07/28/15

Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

There's nothing wrong with a traditional proposal — the kind where a man takes you to a restaurant or into your bedroom, professes his love, and drops to one knee with a sparkling diamond ring in hand. But many woman fantasize about something a little more unique. We asked five such women to describe their dream proposals, and here's what they had to say.

A Trip to Remember

"I've got Paris fever, even though I've never been," says one woman. "So in my dream proposal, my boyfriend would whisk me off on a Paris vacation, then take me to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where we could see the whole city and all its lights, and pop the question there."

Puppy Love

"I love animals," explains another woman, "so the cutest proposal I can possibly imagine would have to involve an animal. A puppy. I'd want my boyfriend to buy the most adorable puppy or save him from the local shelter, then bring him home to me as a present — with the ring attached to his collar, of course!"

Going Back to Where It Started

"I want something really special to us, not just unique," says another. "I would love for him to take me back on our first date. Not just take me back to the location, mind you, but recreate it as best he could. That would be pretty special."

A Flashmob

"Hands down, I want a flash mob," says one woman. "I know they're corny and showy, but that's what I want. I want to be walking through a public square or a shopping mall or even an IKEA, and for the crowd to start dancing their hearts out to a song that's meaningful to us."

A Rom-Com Moment

"I want the Sweet Home Alabama proposal," says another. "I want a gorgeous man to walk me into a glittering jewelry store, profess his love, and then proceed to tell me to pick out any diamond I want. It'll never happen of course, but that's my ultimate fantasy proposal."

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