Drake Bell Reveals If He'd Ever Invite Josh Peck to His Wedding

The Drama Continues!

Gabriel Olsen

This is the wedding guest list drama that just won't die. In case you missed it, last summer, former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck got married surrounded by family, friends, and co-workers (i.e. John Stamos), but the groom's one-time onscreen brother, Drake Bell, was notably missing from the guest list. Hurt by the invitation snub, Bell took to Twitter: "When you're not invited to the wedding the message is clear...," he wrote. "True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I'll miss you brotha." And thus, the Drake & Josh wedding drama was born.

Now, even though the former co-stars officially hugged it out in August, the saga continued yesterday when Drake Bell stopped by TRL, where he was asked the million-dollar question: after being snubbed by his TV brother, would Josh ever be invited to his wedding?

"You did have some drama with your former Drake and Josh costar, Josh Peck," TRL host Tamara Dhia brought up to her guest, Drake Bell, before playing a video of the onscreen duo.

"This was after Josh didn't invite me to his wedding," Bell pointed out at the video. "I mean, I've only known the guy 20 years," he joked.

"As a brother would take it, I was a little slighted, so I kinda spouted off a little bit," the actor said, referencing his now-infamous Twitter rant. Clarifying his current relationship with Peck, Bell continued, "We've had our ups and downs. There's been times where we didn't want to talk to each other unless it was the dialogue in the show. And there were other times where we would do 12-hour days, and then I'd go over to his house...and we'd play video games, or watch movies, or hang out, and we were inseparable. So honestly, it's the closest to a brother relationship with someone who's not your brother. He's family."

While Bell's sweet sentiments make it sound like the squabble is officially squashed, the actor might still be feeling pretty petty over the invite snub. When asked if he'd invite Peck to his own future nuptials, Bell hilariously replied, "No. No, definitely not. And I'm gonna have the best wedding!"

And although Bell isn't currently engaged, he promises that Peck is going to miss out on a heck of a party when the time comes. "I'm going to fly in on a tiger," he mused. "But we're one Cornish game hen short," so it looks like Peck will be cut from the guest list!

"It's going to be like the Ringling Brothers Circus," said Bell. "It's going to be amazing, but yeah, no Josh."

But Bell quickly clarified, telling the audience that he was only joking. "I'm just kidding!" he said. "Of course he's invited."

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