Looking Back at Downton Abbey's Best Wedding Moments in Photos

Welcome back Crawleys!

downton abbey wedding lady mary

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It's a happy day for Downton Abbey fans. The Downton Abbey movie hits theaters this week and we have to admit we've been seriously missing our favorite upstairs-downstairs drama. But, we miss the 1920s fashions even more! Downton Abbey's 1920s style has definitely struck a chord in the wedding world—is there anything more sophisticated than a 1920s-inspired wedding dress? From perfect pin curls, and beaded headpieces of the utmost style, to drop-waisted silhouettes, and cascading bouquets, Downton Abbey has provided wedding day inspiration for countless brides! To celebrate the return of our days with the Crawleys, we're looking back at all the residents of Downton Abbey that said, "I do."

downton abbey weddings lady mary

Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley

It was one of those unforgettable TV moments—Lady Mary FINALLY weds Matthew Crawley, in the grand Downton Abbey wedding we'd been waiting years to see! Naturally, Lady Mary would be the most stylish, fashion-forward bride, so it was no surprise to see her in a perfect long sleeved cream dress encrusted in rice pearls and Swarovski crystals. Of course, this is Lady Mary so some opulence and heirloom jewelry pieces must be present. In this case, it was in the form of a custom made 45-carat floral diamond tiara, valued at $200,000. "I wanted her wedding dress to have a bit of softness," Caroline McCall, Downton Abbey's costume designer at the time, told People. "I wanted her to look really romantic, really elegant." To top off the look, Lady Mary carried a bouquet of elegant, yet minimal, calla lilies.

downton abbey weddings anna

Anna Marries Mr. Bates

Head housemaid (and Lady Mary confidant) Anna, married the valet to the Earl of Grantham, Mr. Bates, in an unassuming registry ceremony. After many obstacles, including an ex-wife who may or may not have killed herself, Bates and Anna finally get their moment to make lifetime vows. Her wedding day look is befitting of her character, who would choose her "best" outfit to marry her "is he a murder or isn't he?" husband Mr. Bates.

downton abbey weddings lady mary henry talbot

Lady Mary and Henry Talbot

For her second chance at love, Lady Mary Crawley did things a little differently. After her first big society wedding, Mary wed Henry Talbot in a demure silk suit in an original 1920s silhouette. While it's not the show stopping gown we saw her wearing to marry Matthew, it's still perfectly Lady Mary.

"We didn't want her to be in a traditional wedding dress. It's her second wedding, and quick. And yet, it's her wedding — we needed her to look absolutely beautiful, for this new start," said Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins.

And don't forget to notice the hat, where the real butterflies signify the beginning of a new journey for Lady Mary Crawley Talbot.

downton abbey weddings mrs. hughes

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson

No Downton Abbey wedding moment was sweeter than Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson saying their "I dos" in front of the whole village, in a sweet and unfussy ceremony and reception. The couple turned down the offer to marry at Downton Abbey, but Mrs. Hughes did end up wearing her Ladyship's coat for her bridal moment. Now what to call her? Mrs. Carson? Admit it, you needed some tissues when Mr. Carson told the congregation "I give you... my wonderful wife!"

downton abbey weddings lady rose

Lady Rose

Robbins found Lady Rose's wedding dress, a beaded silk tulle gown originating from the 1920s, on a whim. "It was just a ghost of a dress, and I stumbled upon it. A trader I'd made friends with has a little shop in London and he actually kept it in a box — it had never been worn, and we managed to give it this fairy tale ending, this wedding dress that was a hundred years old and had never been worn," Robbins said on PBS's behind the scenes blog.

Downton Abbey Weddings Lady Rose Registry

While she walked down the aisle in true 1920s style, Lady Rose's official "I dos" came at her registry ceremony, where she wore a pale blue suit with an embroidered collar and straw hat. "The registry outfit came from an original collar piece, which has these beautiful hand-painted roses and a kind of lattice of piping, that came from Paris," Robbins said of the outfit.

downton abbey weddings lady edith

Lady Edith and Sir Anthony Strallan

Poor Lady Edith's trip down the aisle was not without its many obstacles. After being jilted by Sir Anthony Strallan at the altar (in a pretty incredible long sleeved satin gown with an even more gorgeous headpiece), it was seasons of grief for our Edith, as she fell in love with, and mourned the loss of editor Michael Gregson and tried to keep their daughter Marigold's true identity from her sister Mary.

downton abbey weddings lady edith bertie pelham

Lady Edith and Berthie Pelham

But, second time was the charm for Lady Edith in the series finale! "Poor Edith," as even her parents have called her, got the fairy tale ending she so deserved (after some scheming from her sister/nemesis Mary), finding true love with Berthie Pelham, who would turn out to be Marquess of Hexham. In the words of his Lordship, "Edith will outrank us all!" For her second chance at "I do," Lady Edith chose a short sleeve lace gown with a small tiara sitting atop her softly waved bob.

Are you seeing the Downton Abbey movie this weekend? We'll definitely be there!

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