The Dos and Don'ts of Singing at Weddings

Updated 06/02/15

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Singing at weddings: It's been happening more and more lately. Whether it's a planned performance, a "surprise" joke from a friend (oh, yay) during the reception, or a secretly-prepared song from the groom to the bride, these are few dos and don'ts.


•The groom preparing a sweet song for his bride or vice versa

•The couple performing a cheeky duet

•Flash-mob-esque sing-a-longs like "All You Need is Love" in Love Actually

•Group songs that are dedicated to something meaningful to the bride or groom, such as a school fight song, a sorority song, etc.

•A good close friend or relative performing a song as part of the ceremony while the couple does something (like lighting the unity candle) or in place of a reading

•Carrying out a tradition, such as if a group of friends always sing "Going to the Chapel" to the bride at every wedding they go to. Yes, it's more about them than the couple, but everyone loves a nice tradition!

•Keeping the performance under wraps and not talking about "a big secret"

•Letting the deejay, band and/or planner know that you have a little performance to give so that the logistics (mic, etc.) are good to go

•Enjoying the moment!


•Taking yourself too seriously or critiquing your performance immediately afterwards

•Being a little obsessed with your performance and posting to social media 50 pictures of your performance; don't forget what the moment is really about.

•Forcing your significant other, family members or anyone else who truly does not want to sing to sing along with you

•Sloppy, drunk singing. 'Nuff said.

•Singing more than one song with the band; they're the professionals here and it's not karaoke hour!

•Singing the same ol' song you always sing at karaoke

•Volunteering to perform a song and moving forward, despite never getting confirmation from the bride

•Obsessing about your upcoming performance and letting it take over your attention for half the night

•Not preparing enough and wanting to perform the song again (OMG, no)

What do you think of singing at weddings? Is it a do or a don't? Sound off on Facebook!

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