Donald Trump's Presidency Is Causing More Married Couples to Split Up

One New York–based divorce attorney hasn't seen disagreements like this in all her years of matrimonial practice

Updated 05/09/17

Courtesy of Instagram/margotrobbie

There's no denying that there has been quite a divide (more like a gaping chasm) between Democrats and Republicans since President Donald Trump's election back in November. And while our congressmen and women may be battling it out in the House and Senate, did you know they're not the only ones struggling to come to terms with Trump's often radical and divisive policies? According to a recent study, married couples are now more than ever feuding over politics—and Trump's presidency in general—leading increasingly to divorce.

The data comes from Wakefield Research, a polling firm based in Arlington, Virginia, according to Fox Business. The study found that one in 10 couples, whether married or unmarried, had ended their relationships due to disagreements over politics. Even more shocking? Millennials have cut the cord with far more frequency, at a rate of 22 percent.

"Our research team regularly fields studies that examine how relationships are impacted by current events, so it was natural for us to ask about today's political environment," Lisa Johnson Kiefer, the managing director of Wakefield Research, told Fox Business. "We wanted to understand how, if at all, the current political environment was impacting romantic relationships."

The survey included 1,000 participants nationwide, and what it found isn't particularly shocking to those of us who had political squabbles with relatives over the holiday season. According to the results, 22 percent of Americans know a couple whose relationship has been negatively affected by Trump's election, while 24 percent of Americans who are in a relationship or married report that since Trump was elected president, "they and their partner have disagreed or argued about politics more than ever."

And Lois Brenner, a New York–based divorce attorney, couldn't agree more.

"In my 35 years of matrimonial practice, I have never seen so many couples split over a political disagreement as with the Trump election," she told Fox Business. "I am frequently mediating these disputes between couples to help them draft a postnuptial or separation agreement."

The survey also found that in the past six months, more than one in five couples have had more disagreements over Trump's policies than the normal relationship dispute: finances. Womp. Maybe it's time to start couples therapy? Or maybe just turn off the news.

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