8 Great Reasons to Do Yoga on Your Wedding Day

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Exercising on your wedding day may not sound like the first thing you want to do, but what if we told you doing a little yoga the morning of could not only calm your nerves but also balance out your emotions and make you look better in photos? We picked the brains of several yogis to find out precisely why yoga is so awesome for brides.

1. It Majorly Reduces Stress

And unless you're the most chill bride ever, you're likely going to be stressed out. In fact, stress is one of the leading causes of mental breakdowns for brides, points out yoga instructor Brittney Hiller. "The overwhelming sense of duty to please others and get everything perfect can be daunting." She suggests participating in a more gentle flow class pre-wedding, as opposed to a hot yoga class, in order to heighten the sense of relaxation.

2. It Boosts Your Happiness

This is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Unfortunately, too many brides get caught up in all the little details and family drama to enjoy their wedding the way they really should. Yoga can help with that. "It clears your mind, decreases anxiety and promotes a sense of positive energy," explains fitness expert Julie Wilkes, founder of Seven Studios in Columbus, OH. "It helps release endorphins throughout your body too, making you feel good, patient, and happy."

3. It Enables You to Live in the Moment

Everyone always tells you that your wedding day will go by in flash, and trust us, it will! However, yoga gives you the opportunity to slow down and truly be present in the moment, notes Nancy Sheridan Perry and Laura Calcaterra, co-owners of BIG Yoga in Houston, TX.

4. It's Great for Public Speaking

Brides with stage fright can definitely benefit from yoga breathing practices. Before you recite your wedding vows, women's wellness coach and yoga teacher, Julie Winterton, recommends practicing a few rounds of diaphragmatic breathing to help get rid of any jitters and steady your breath so you can project the words better without sounding breathy and nervous.

5. It Makes Your Photos Better

And we don't mean crazy cool pictures of you twisted up like a pretzel, but wedding photos in general. Because when you're not 100 percent present, as yoga basically forces you to be, you can detect the tightness in your face and irritability through fake smiles, warns NYC yoga and pilates instructor Sunina Young.

6. It Improves Posture and Alignment

Another awesome advantage to a brief yoga session the day of your wedding is that it helps with posture and alignment, reveals Winterton. "You'll feel confident and look good, especially in those all-important wedding photos."

7. It Gives You a Gorgeous Glow

Yoga increases your circulation, in turn, giving you that gorgeous glow that all brides crave, says Heather Peterson, Senior VP of Programming at CorePower Yoga. "Moreover, spending time in any inversion pose, whether that's Handstand, Headstand, or Downward Facing Dog, helps to counter the effects of gravity and increase the elasticity of your skin."

8. It Balances out Your Emotions

Whether you're the type to cry during a Disney movie or you compare yourself to the Tin Man, you may be surprised at how much yoga can help you balance your emotions, tells Young. "For the extra emotional, you'll be able to get through the ceremony with your makeup still intact. For the emotionless, yoga may bring out a softer side of you that only a special day like your wedding could have awakened."

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