44 Times the Dog Stole The Spotlight At Weddings

I'm not squealing/happy crying/generally bursting with joy, you are. 😭

Updated 01/25/18

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Disclaimer: I am a self-proclaimed dog freak. My life pretty much revolves around my dog (she's a Toy Australian Shepherd named Chicken and she's perfect)—playing with her, thinking of new and exciting adventures we can go on together, telling her about my day, talking about her to anyone who will listen, and just generally thinking about her all the time. Fellow dog freaks will know what I mean.

So if I should ever find myself walking down that long aisle, there's no question Chicken would be right there with me. It just wouldn't be right not to include my favorite person (ahem, animal, life partner, ride or die...whatever) in my wedding. As it so happens, after doing a quick Instagram search (by which I mean five hours of the best day I've ever spent at work), it seems as if I'm not alone. In fact, here are 44 couples who were, to be totally honest, completely out-shined by their pups on their wedding day, making for some truly delightful photographic moments (I dare you not to shed a happy tear or 50).

Because when it comes down to it, we all know: doggo is life.

What better way to express your love and excitement than with an ear kiss?

Brides? What brides? All I see is a v good looking brussels griffon.

The prettiest flower dog there ever was.

Those eyes doh...


Everybody smooooooshhhhh.

Ok, I may be biased because I have an Australian Shepherd, but this photo really speaks to me.

Hello. It's me.

Dapper doggo.

Ummm...love overload. 😭


I'm the good boy, gimme canapé plz.

Nothin' to see here, just the best man giving a morning-of pep talk.

Puppy pile!!!!

Ew mom and dad, that's gross. 🙄

A wedding day kiss for the books.

Who needs a groom when you've got a bulldog?

A pupper and a baber?! Stahhpppp


Mom, you look great. Ummm, Amanda, cool it with the lip gloss.

A very nice support system here.


Who said dogs aren't allowed on the dance floor?!

A proud doggo just takin' it all in.

I'm justh thoooo happy to be here.

Never a bad time for snuggles.

Wow. I know who I'd choose for the most handsome groomsman award at this party...


Pure joy.


Woman's best friend.

Guys, this is such a snooze fest. Why am I getting no pats?

Now that's a family portrait I can get behind.

This day is still all about me right?


Wut groom?

The actual definition of happiness.

I'm da baby.

Couple o' heartbreakers right there.

Thx for including me dad.

I get to recite vows too, right?

TFW you know you're lookin' #fabulous.

If you're not following @tunameltsmyheart you're not really living.

Dohhhh, this is just great.

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