Very Happy Dog Interrupts Wedding Vows For the Best Viral Photo Ever

The best boy

Updated 08/06/18

Getty Images

Ok, we're calling it: this story is officially the sweetest thing to hit the internet in 2018. Very good boy Boone, a six-year-old Labrador Retriever from Illinois, couldn't contain his excitement at the sight of his parents getting married and went for a wriggle of joy right in front of their feet.

Pup parents Jayce Conway and Angie Blumberg (who have been best friends since preschool) married outdoors in Montana on July 28, and had no idea Boone would steal the show.

Chris Davis of Good Road Photography snapped a hilarious photo of the happy doggo rolling around in the grass with a goofy grin at his parents' feet as they were about to exchange their vows.

After local NBC station WBIR posted the glorious photo to its Facebook page, Boone's joyful photobomb immediately went viral and now has almost 10,000 shares.

If this good boy doesn't warm your heart, we don't know what will. Wishing you all the belly rubs in the world, Boone.

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