Does the Ring Bearer Actually Carry the Rings Down the Aisle?

There are plenty of ways to get that cute factor—with or without those precious rings!

Photo by Mariel Hannah

Whether your ring bearer is a nephew, cousin, godson, or one of your own sons, the role is a sweet way to honor and include the young men in your lives during your wedding ceremony. But the thought of sending a toddler on a walk with sentimental (and most likely expensive!) jewelry in tow is enough to make some brides shudder! Does your ring bearer actually need to carry the rings down the aisle? Our experts weigh in.

If you’re worried about your ring bearer making it all the way to the altar without losing your wedding bands, you’re not alone; that is exactly why the ring-bearer role has become much more symbolic and less literal. Especially with younger children, having them carry a pillow, box, or another item that’s ring free or holds fake rings is a great way to get the cute factor without worrying about losing your wedding bands. Be prepared to hear some Aww's from your guests as you’re waiting to make your grand entrance! And if you’re opting to have a ring bearer who isn’t actually bearing any rings, be sure to tuck the bands in the best man’s pocket (out of their boxes so they can be easily handed to your officiant)—and practice asking him for the rings during the rehearsal!

If your ring bearer is older, anywhere from seven or eight to his early teens, you might feel comfortable having him carry the rings. (Pro tip: If one or both of you have a son around that age, this can be a great way to include him in your ceremony!) Just know that those pillows are notoriously easy to drop, no matter how old your ring bearer is, so have your rings tied on incredibly securely. Better yet, to avoid losing them, have your photographer take pictures of the rings on the pillow, then secure them in a jewelry pouch for their trip down the aisle. That way, if the pouch becomes unattached, you won’t be searching for a tiny band in the grass but instead something larger, velvet, and most likely black. Much easier to find! Or have him walk down the aisle as you see fit, with the rings in his jacket pocket like you would do with the best man.

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