How to Make Your Maid of Honor's Outfit Stand Out

How to Make Your MOH Stand Out


Your maid of honor is your number one—and has put in the pre-wedding time and effort to prove it—so of course, you want everyone to know that they are playing an extra-special role on your wedding day. And while dressing them differently from the rest of your bridal party is a quick and easy way to set them apart, that might not fly with your wedding-day aesthetic.

When it comes to dressing your maid of honor, there are a number of options that range from soft and subtle to totally eye-catching. There’s definitely a choice that will work great for you (and your bestie)! Ahead, expert tips for making your MOH stand out from the rest of your bridal party.

how to make your moh stand out

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Keep the change super subtle.

If you want all of your bridesmaids to be matchy-matchy, but still want to distinguish your maid of honor, the difference can be simple. When you’re picking your bridesmaids’ outfits, opt for a line that offers multiple strap options or necklines in the same colors and fabrics. This will allow your MOH to rock a strapless neckline while everyone else has cap sleeves, or they can go for a one-shoulder design instead of a sweetheart neckline. These adjustments can also be made when having the MOH dress tailored—just make sure to order a little extra fabric if you’re planning to add on to the existing design.

If your MOH isn't a woman.

It is possible your maid of honor may not be a woman or subscribe to a binary gender at all! You can still include them in your special day and make them shine in affirming ways. This means working with them to find attire that aligns with their gender expression and the theme of your wedding so everyone is fulfilled. Communication and empathy are key to bringing all joyous events to life, and there are simply so many exciting fashion choices that could be made!

Focus on accessories.

Another great way to make your MOH stand out is with accessories. Dress all your bridal party members in the same gown, then gift your maid of honor with a bejeweled belt or gorgeous hair accessory like this pearl number that will catch the light and set them apart.

A little bit of bling goes a long way, so unless the gown you choose can stand up to some major accessorizing, keep the piece you choose on the simple side.

A unique bouquet.

If you want all the dresses and accessories to stay the same, but want it to be clear who your MOH is when they walks down the aisle, ask your florist to make one bouquet slightly different from the rest. It could be slightly larger, include an additional flower that’s in your bouquet but not in any of the other bridal party members, or may have an extra color to set it apart. This is a great option if you’ve chosen to have a mismatched bridal party, too. If everyone is already in a gown of their choosing, a different cluster of blooms will show the MOH has been chosen for the special role.

Choose a different dress color or design.

To make your MOH’s look pop a little more, opt for attire that is a shade lighter or darker than the rest of your bridal party's clothing. Think a bridal party in French blue with your MOH in a soft sky hue, or the party in lavender and the MOH in deeper eggplant. The colors you choose should all still fit seamlessly into your palette while making it clear that your MOH is your right-hand.

Want them to really look the part? Dress your maid of honor in printed attire while everyone else wears a solid design. We love the way a floral-printed MOH outfit looks against single-tone bridal party attire in a color that’s pulled from the pattern, or you could go more modern with a stripe or other geometric style.

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