Do You and Your Fiancé Have to Sleep Separately the Night Before Your Wedding?

Updated 09/22/15

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Tradition dictates that soon-to-be-wed couples spend the night before their wedding in separate beds, regardless of their normal sleeping habits, but modern culture seems to contradict the custom. But should a bride buck tradition in favor of a pre-nuptial slumber party with her fiancé? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the question of cohabiting with your hubby-to-be the evening before the wedding.

Your pre-nuptial sleeping arrangements are entirely dependent on your beliefs, and for some couples, the beliefs of their family or religion. If your faith dictates that you sleep separately from your fiancé the night before your wedding and you feel comfortable doing so, by all means book a luxurious hotel room for some much-needed relaxation. However, if you have no religious or familial customs prohibiting you from a pre-wedding cuddle, the choice is entirely yours.

The notion of sleeping separately stems from the same impetus as the bride donning a white dress; namely, that the couple in question would not know each other in the biblical manner until after "I do." However, many modern couples have thrown the custom by the wayside in favor of cohabiting with their spouse-to-be months, or even years, before the wedding. If you wish to embrace the tradition in order to create a more momentous wedding night, gain a better night of rest before the big day, or simply to honor the historical convention, you can bid your significant other adieu for the evening. On the other hand, if spending the evening away from your fiancé seems unnecessarily cruel punishment for both parties, you can simply consider sleeping next to your partner the evening before your wedding as a wonderful precursor for a happy marriage.

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