10 Questions to Help Determine If You Need a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning Calendar

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You've been dreaming of your wedding day and filing away little pieces of inspo in your memory since you can remember. And since you already have the visuals primed in your mind and mentally noted most of the details, why not plan the whole shebang yourself? Tons of brides and grooms would like to plan their own weddings and skip using a professional planner of any kind. While this may be a great choice for your budget, you should consider if it's also the best option for your mental health. There are a lot of time-consuming organizational and liaising tasks that go into planning a wedding, not to mention the added stress of doing it all by yourself. Anyone who is weighing the decision of going at it alone should really contemplate if it's ultimately the most pragmatic route.

To help you consider both options, we've devised a questionnaire to provide a good understanding of the responsibilities that come with planning your own wedding and whether or not this option is the right fit for you. If you answer "no" to any of these 10 questions, you should probably be interviewing wedding planners before you start making any plans. If you still find yourself hesitant to hire a full-fledged planner but realize you may need some help, there is always the option of hiring a coordinator to pick up the slack.

1. Can You Take Calls or Meetings With Vendors During the Workday?

Most of your vendors keep normal business hours and you will have to make time for them during the day or take days off from work to get all your planning done.

2. Do You Already Know Where You're Getting Married?

If you want to get married in your hometown and have chosen the country club as your venue of choice, it's a totally different ball of wax than getting married someplace new to you. Many event spaces have their own in-house event manager or coordinator, so it's prudent to do some research before making your decision.

3. Are Friends or Family Willing to Help Out?

If they're more likely to beg off when push comes to shove and you need their help, don't count on them from the beginning. Also keep in mind that this is your wedding, and your friends and family are not obligated to take on a part-time job helping you execute your dream day.

4. Are You Punctual?

If not, you need a planner who will keep the trains running on time during the planning phase and on the big day.

5. Are You Organized?

Planning a wedding takes a crazy amount of detail-oriented organization, from the invitations to the seating charts. Not to mention schedules, contracts, and everything else that comes with the main event.

6. Is Party Planning Fun for You?

Generally speaking, if you dread entertaining, you shouldn't be trying to plan your wedding because it won't be fun for you or the guests. Instead of enjoying your engagement, you'll be stressing over minute details and catastrophic what-if scenarios for the wedding.

7. Are You Deadline-Oriented?

If not, you could lose vendors and thousands of dollars by not getting all of your payments, numbers, and information submitted by the deadline.

8. Will Your Fiancé Be Helping With the Plans?

When one partner is totally immersed on a project and the other one actually resents the time being spent on those tasks, it can cause some pre-marital rifts that are totally avoidable if you hire someone else to do the heavy lifting.

9. Are You Well-Informed?

If you don't understand how to read a catering contract or a hotel's banquet event order and you're not sure who you're supposed to tip, you need to hire someone who gets it to make your life easier.

10. Do You Have a Friend Who Is a Natural-Born Leader?

They can't be in the wedding party because they will be the ones sending everybody down the aisle in the right order and checking the cake and flowers. If you don't have a friend who can go through the planning process with you enough to be the ringmaster on your wedding day, you should consider hiring a pro.

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