Do We Have to Set Up a Hotel Room Block?

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While a big part of planning a wedding is creating a fantastic celebration for your guests, it can sometimes feel like you're playing travel agent instead of planning a party, especially when it comes to lodging. You want to ensure that guests are staying somewhere convenient to your venue, but can't possibly predict who will turn the weekend into a week-long vacation, and who will decide to splurge on that luxury hotel on the other side of town. So when you're making wedding plans, do you have to arrange for a room block for your guests? Here's what our experts have to say.

While a room block isn't required, setting aside a block of rooms at a local hotel or two will help ensure that your guests have somewhere to stay — especially if you're getting married on a holiday weekend or during a busier time of the year in a popular destination.

When you're looking for hotels to get a room block at, try to pick options that are convenient to your venue, as well as in a range of price points so that there are a few options for guests to choose from. Talk to your rep at the hotel about how much you would be expected to pay if the rooms aren't all booked, as well as if you can secure a discounted rate if you're reserving a large number of rooms.

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Another option is to secure a discounted rate without reserving a block of rooms. This would mean that, with your wedding code or by mentioning your names, your guests can book hotel rooms at a rate lower than what is listed on the hotel's website, but that there won't be a guaranteed number of rooms reserved for your guests. This could be a good option if you have a small guest list or are having your wedding during the off-season, but if you're expecting the majority of your guests to book hotel rooms (and want to offer transportation to your venue from a central location, or additional wedding-related events), a room block is the way to go.

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