Do We Need to Provide Breakfast and Lunch for Our Wedding Party?

Updated 10/18/16

Clane Gessel Photography

If you've ever been in a wedding party before, you know that there's a lot more to it than just showing up properly dressed before the ceremony begins. Especially for bridesmaids, the getting ready process might begin at 8 a.m.! With a day that long, you and your girls are bound to get hungry — not to mention the groom and the groomsmen! So should you provide breakfast and lunch for your wedding party on your wedding day? Here's what our experts have to say.

Since you'll definitely want to make sure you get something to eat before your wedding begins, it's a great idea to have some food available for anyone else who will be around while you're getting ready, too. For breakfast, this could be as simple as some fresh fruit, yogurt, and small pastries — things that are easy and relatively mess-free to eat, and also great for snacking on throughout the morning.

When it comes to lunch, you'll want to nosh on something that's got protein and will be filling, but also won't mess up your makeup (sorry, burgers!). Consider a salad with chicken, a veggie platter with hummus, or sliced wraps or small sandwiches. Be sure to include vegetarian-friendly options if you have some non-meat eaters in your crowd. You could also set out a platter of cheeses and crackers, alongside easy snacks like grapes, roasted almonds, and pretzels. Avoid anything that has a messy sauce, to keep faces and fingers clean (especially when it's time to put your dress on!). Make sure you've got lots of water on-hand, as well as juice — both for mixing celebratory mimosas and for sipping when you don't want alcohol.

Depending on what the groom and groomsmen have planned for the day, you may want to provide a similar spread for the guys, too. Who wouldn't love some snacks and a beer while they're putting on their suits and tying ties?

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