How Much Should You Tip Your Wedding Florist?

From cash to gifts to online reviews, here are a few ways to thank your wedding florist.

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Wondering how much to tip your wedding florist—or, if you even need to? It's a fair question. If the florist has gone above and beyond to bring your floral vision to life, you definitely want to do something to say thank you. On the other hand, you're trying to stick to a wedding budget, and even the thought of shelling out gratuities on top of already negotiated vendor fees can be overwhelming. The good news is that a florist tip is strictly optional, and, moreover, there are other ways to say thank you without spending more cash.

Here, a look at some of your options, with expert insight from wedding planner Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events.

Meet the Expert

Leah Weinberg is a wedding planner and owner of Color Pop Events, a New York City-based event planning company.

How Much Should You Tip a Wedding Florist?

A $50 to $100 tip for the florist is a thoughtful way to say thank you for all of their hard work.

Do You Have to Tip?

You can, but you don't have to. A good rule of thumb to remember: You don't need to tip the owner of a business; a vendor who's self-employed or is the owner of a business is generally not tipped. If your florist owns his or her studio or floral boutique, there's no need to tip on top of the already negotiated fee. Nonetheless, you might want to tip them anyway because of their exceptional service. If your florist truly went above and beyond—maybe she was somehow able to source those out-of-season Japanese peonies for your bridal bouquet—you might want to give them a cash tip.

"From the florist's perspective, a tip isn't generally expected, but it's always going to be well received. As a small business owner, they may or may not be raking in the money, so a little extra as a tip can be a super sweet bonus," says wedding planner Leah Weinberg.

If you're going to give your florist a cash tip, don't feel pressure to tip a certain percentage. Given that floral budgets can sometimes reach upwards of $5,000, even a 10 percent tip can get really expensive really quickly, Weinberg says. "A set amount is probably more appropriate and realistic," she adds.

Regardless of your floral budget, "A tip is a wonderful gesture to say thank you for any vendor's hard work on your wedding day. The act of showing appreciation and gratitude is never out of style," says Ashley Stork, owner of Magnolia Vine Events.

Stork suggests placing the tip in a sealed envelope and having your wedding planner gift it to them on the day of. "While it is nice to give the wedding florist a tip in person, you might not see all your vendors throughout the course of the day," Stork says. Plus, you'll have a million other things to do, and you don't want the tips to get lost in the shuffle.

Other Ways to Show Appreciation

Writing a Glowing Online Review

One of the best things you can do for your florist is leave a glowing review for them online. A positive online review can go a long way in showing gratitude and helping your florist land more business. "For a small business, reviews are so incredibly important because they give a glimpse into what it's like working with the florist that pictures can't convey," Weinberg says.

In addition to positive reviews, make sure to tag their bouquets and arrangements in your social media posts from the wedding to give them well-deserved credit (and exposure).

Mail a Sweet Thank You Card

Don't discount the humble thank you card. A handwritten note means a lot. "It warms their hearts to hear the kind words couples have to say and serves as a wonderful reminder of the work and event you shared together," Stork says.

Send a Thoughtful Gift

As an alternative to a cash tip, you can get your florist a thoughtful gift. Find something that is personal and that you know they'll love. Stork suggests a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.

Just by talking to them or checking out their social media profiles, you can identify some great gift ideas. This might be a restaurant they frequent, or something they particularly love. Some of my personal favorite ‘tips’ have been beautiful Kate Spade bags and wallets because my brides know I love Kate." Stork says.

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