Do I Need to Carry a Purse on my Wedding Day?

Updated 05/14/14

Yasu + Junko

So you've found the perfect wedding dress! Now, it's time to complete your wedding-day look with all the right accessories—shoes, jewelry, maybe a wrap or pashmina if it's going to be chilly outside. Should you also buy a purse or clutch to carry around on the day-of? Will you even need one? Our wedding experts are here to answer your accessory questions in our daily post.

Do I need to carry a purse on my wedding day?

You certainly don't need a handbag on your wedding day. If you're not driving, you probably won't need your license, and you likely won't need any cash (since you've already paid for everything!). You might not even need your house keys, if you're planning to stay at a hotel later that night. And, even if you do, perhaps your groom or your parents can hang on to them for you during the wedding.

But, on the other hand, if you think you may need a few items throughout the day, you should probably err on the safe side and pack a purse or clutch. That way, everything you need will be corralled in one place. But rather than buying an ivory-colored handbag to match your wedding gown, think about buying one that you'll be happy to use again post-wedding. Think jewel tones or metallics, maybe even a style with a hidden shoulder chain so it can convert into a shoulder bag. And once you've found the perfect style, here are some items you might want to consider stashing inside:

-cell phone



-lip balm

-blotting papers

-eye drops


-bobby pins and safety pins

-cotton swabs

You can ask your bridesmaids to keep track of your purse, or hand it to your wedding planner to leave on your chair at the reception in case you need to touch up your makeup.

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