7 DIY Photo Booth Supplies That Your Guests Will Love

Save money and memories with these crafty DIY photo booth ideas

Photo by Lucy Cuneo, Design by Tanya DeSelm

Pictures are a huge part of any wedding day, especially for your guests, so there's no better way to help your nearest and dearest commemorate your nuptials than with a DIY photo booth. Photo booths are a hit at most weddings, but they can be costly and often eat up a large chunk of your wedding budget that you didn't plan for. In comes the crafty, creative route—all it takes is a few funky props, a tripod, and a statement backdrop to convert any corner of your wedding venue into the ultimate photo spot. Even though you have a professional photographer around to capture the day, the limit does not exist when it comes to the number of photos your guests can have.

To make sure that all the guests have access to their own mini shoots throughout all the festivities, we rounded up the best supplies to create your own DIY photo booth for your wedding and save money along the way. No matter how you decide to let guests capture their own images, whether it be selfie sticks or disposable cameras, each idea will keep guests well-entertained, well-photographed, and buzzing about your creative photo booth long after the wedding.

Selfie Stick with Built-In Tripod and Bluetooth Remote Shutter

A fun idea is to have a selfie stick on every table. That way, your guests can become mini photographers of their own and capture moments throughout the night. Sure, you may end up with a whole lot of pictures of your guests faces, but it will make for a fun time to review all of the funny and behind-the-scenes photos post-wedding. You can also invest in a remote-controlled Bluetooth selfie stick to act as a makeshift tripod in front of a decorative backdrop.

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Fujifilm Fujicolor QuickSnap Flash 400 35MM Disposable Camera

For the most budget-friendly photo booth alternative, go old school with disposable cameras. Set these on tables — or even designate a separate corner near a fun backdrop for the ultimate photo shoot. Guests can easily snap pictures of one another, and you can get them developed after the wedding to see all of the fun.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Instant photos from a Polaroid camera will be great souvenirs for friends and family to take home with them. Guests can also leave them for you as a way of signing your guest book (this camera has a built-in selfie mirror!). Either way, this is a fun method to get quick shots of your guests in action throughout the night that they can reflect on after the wedding. Pick between five different camera colors for the one(s) that best corresponds with your decor scheme.

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Photo Guestbook Sign

Take Polaroids (or selfie sticks) one step further and create a designated selfie station, which is currently dominating as the wedding photo trend of choice. This acrylic sign is perfect for highlighting your selfie-taking spot, especially if the finished photo products will also double as guest book fillers. Have a few nearby cameras at the ready for wedding attendees to pose in front of, after which they can paste their front-facing pics in your guest book with a personalized note. Or, guests can write directly on the back of their photos and deposit them in a box for the newlyweds to open later.

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Vintage Style Open Air Photo Booth

This photo booth runs on the pricier side, but the vintage-inspired rendition is bound to be a huge crowd pleaser among guests. Plus, it won't take up too much space within your wedding venue and can be easily transported. Each touch-screen operated photo booth is designed by a photographer and handmade in Atlanta, so you know you're getting the most bang for your buck (not to mention the object itself is worthy of plenty of photo attention). The internal software even allows for guests to share their images via text or social media, and you and your partner can keep it around post-wedding for some impromptu photo shoots of your own.

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Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

No matter what camera situation you choose, a photo backdrop that's worthy of gracing your guests' social media feeds is also a must. Keep it simple with a basic white or ivory background that won't claim too much dominance within your reception venue, or add a shimmery, playful component to your photo booth station with a gold floral rendition. Friends and family will be back for seconds after posing in front of this pretty photo accessory. For the ultimate cost-effective option, you can enlist the help of a crafty friend to paint a DIY photo backdrop on a white sheet with your initials or a fun pattern.

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Wedding Photo Props

Let's not forget about props, either. Turn any space into a photo booth with a 2-D bouquet, bowtie, mustache, bottle of champagne, and more, which will inspire guests to bring out their silly sides for the sake of the pictures. You can take the DIY photo booth prop approach, too, by rounding up some tacky costume accessories, like a boa or oversized hat.

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