Divorce Selfies Have the Internet in Love With Breakups

"Conscious uncoupling" at its most photogenic

Updated 05/31/17


Every celebration calls for a selfie (weddings, baby showers, birthday parties), so why should a divorce be any different?

"Divorce selfies" are the latest photo trend to hit Instagram, and they are just as peculiar and spectacular as they sound. According to BuzzFeed, "Divorce selfies are when a couple takes a selfie before, after, or during the divorce process—in honor of said divorce." The former couples post the photos to Instagram or Twitter, paired with the hashtag #divorceselfie.

The captions provide lighthearted fun in a situation that often is filled with anger and bitterness. "After 16 years, we finally gave each other the perfect Valentines Day & anniversary gift, a #divorce," penned one divorcé. "More excited than on our wedding day," wrote another. One couple who accidentally showed up to court in the same shirt called it "Typical us." Of course, there were hilarious hashtags, including #getalongbetternowthanwhenwelivedtogether #finallygotaroundtoit #ievenlikehisgirlfriend.

All kidding aside, several captions offer sweet tributes to the poster's partner and shine light on the more positive parts of their relationships. "Instead of being disappointed that our choice to be together didn't last forever, we choose to accept that sometimes good things fall irreparably apart, to be thankful for the adventures we had," wrote one person. "Forever wasn't as long as we had anticipated but it was a beautiful trip we took. I think this is what unconditional love looks like. It didn't work for us but we are still hopeless romantics and I wouldn't change a thing," shared another. Mostly, they're all just happy to be able to stay friends—on and off social media.

Of course, Instagram is notorious for showing only snapshots of people at their best and happiest, so it's safe to assume that there were probably some not-so-smiley moments leading to these photos (and the divorce hearings that preceded them). The most poignant caption of all, though? "We are officially un-married. Here's to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it's over, but because it happened."

After all, a marriage might not last, but a #selfie is forever.

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