How Can We Discourage Guests from Bringing Gifts to Our Destination Wedding?

Dave Richards Photography

While these days most wedding guests buy gifts off of a couple's online wedding registry, some guests still head to the store to pick something out in person, and a few even bring the gift with them to the wedding. Not a big deal if you're getting married close to home, but what if you've planned a celebration that's a few hours (or more!) from where you live, one you have to fly to and that might even involve customs? Our experts have a few tips for discouraging guests from bringing physical gifts with them to your destination wedding.

This might be the one instance where checked baggage fees are your friend: There's almost no chance that your guests will pay for an extra bag or overweight luggage just to bring a wedding gift with them to your destination wedding, so you probably don't have to worry about it too much.

But just to be sure, include a note on the registry section of your website advising guests against bringing gifts with them. Try something like "While your presence at our wedding in Puerto Rico is gift enough, if you do wish to purchase something off of our registry, please ship it directly to our home instead of bringing it with you. Avoid the extra baggage fees and save room in your suitcase for swimsuits and flip flops!" Provide the address where you'd like gifts sent, whether or not they're on your registry.

You should also spread the word amongst the wedding party and your immediate family. They'll probably field more registry-related questions than you will, so they can tell guests to arrange to have gifts shipped directly to you.

You might want to tuck an extra tote into your suitcase in case a few people bring gifts that you can take home safely on the plane, or ask the front desk at the hotel to send a larger box back to you via FedEx or UPS — and if that's the case, you might as well throw those extra favors in there, too!

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