How Ceremony Seating for a Christian Service Differs from a Jewish One

Kristin La Voie Photography

Ceremony seating is always a topic of discussion. What side should the bride's side sit? And how about the groom's? To throw a wrench in the whole thing, religion determines ceremony seating as well. What's standard for a Christian ceremony is not at all the same for a Jewish one. Here, some major variations in where guests should sit based on the type of ceremony the couple is having.

Christian and Jewish ceremonies are completely opposite when it comes to seating. For a Christian couple, the bride's family and friends are situated on the left side of the aisle so that they're on the same side of the bride as she faces the altar. The parents and close relatives are always in the front and may have pews reserved for their party. Typically parents are in the front, grandparents in the second row, and any other honored guests sit close to the front.

For a Jewish ceremony, the bride's family and friends go to the right. This is the side the bride will be standing as she faces the rabbi. Unlike in a Christian ceremony where the parents are seating in the front and center, the bride and groom's family will both stand with the couple of the hour as they get married under the huppah. Since the bride and groom's parents will be standing throughout the ceremony, your siblings and grandparents will occupy the first row along with any other close relatives or honored guests who may participate in the ceremony.

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