Diana Ross's Son Got Married in the Most Magical Way Ever

Straight out of a fairy tale.


Diana Ross's son, Ross Arne Naess, made his "Endless Love" official. According to Essence, the 29-year-old wed his now wife, Kimberly Ryan, in a magical ceremony surrounded by family and friends. The couple has been together for 11 years and is about to welcome their second child together. Before the event took place, Page Six reported that it would be a “bohemian,” “shoes-optional” affair where friends and family would spend the weekend “living in tents.” Based on the photos that guests shared on Instagram, the predictions weren't too far off.

The reception took place inside a whitewashed barn, and all of the women in attendance wore flowy white dresses and ethereal flower crowns. The bride wore a stunning long-sleeved off-the-shoulder dress with peasant sleeves and gold embroidery, and the groom complemented her style beautifully in an old-fashioned top hat and tux. The little girls in attendance were dressed like fairy princesses, wearing stunning outfits of gold sequins and gold tutus.

The event itself was a true family affair. Naess is Ross’s fourth child (in a line of five), and all of his siblings, including Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross and Hunger Games star Evan Ross were in attendance. Naess's sister-in-law, Ashlee Simpson (who's married to Evan), served as one of Ryan's bridesmaids, and her sister, Jessica Simpson, was there too.

Of course, Lady Diana Ross attended the ceremony looking as fabulous as ever in her own flowy white dress and natural hair. According to Essence, rumor has it that she took the stage at her son's wedding to serenade the newlyweds, though the reports have yet to be confirmed.

Someone who did take the stage, though? Younger brother Evan, who was tasked with singing the first-dance song. "I was choking back tears the whole time. So beautiful!" commented one of Ryan's friends on a photo of the adorable moment.

Ellis-Ross captioned her photos from the day #Magicalweddingweekend, which seems to be a perfectly accurate description.

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