Every Detail to Include in Your Wedding Party's Day-Of Timeline

Getting makeup done


The key to your wedding going off without a hitch is timelines—trust us. From when vendors should arrive for deliveries to what time the last song gets played, letting everyone know what's happening and when will keep your team on the same page and help make sure details don't get overlooked.

A timeline is also a great way to make sure you and your wedding party are in the right place at the right time. After all, you don't want to be hunting down a bridesmaid when it's her turn in the makeup chair! When you're putting together a weekend schedule for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, or the whole lot of them, here are the details you can't forget to include.

Your Rehearsal

Start your timeline before the morning of your wedding, including any pre-wedding events you'll need them to attend. Specify when and where your rehearsal will be taking place as well as the time and location of your rehearsal dinner and/or welcome party. Stick in a note about the dress code, too!

Hair and Makeup Appointments

Work with your hair and makeup artists to create a timeline of who is having services and when. Include the specified service and any notes your stylist wants to pass on, such as whether ladies should arrive with clean, dry hair, or wet hair that will be blow-dried.

Are your 'maids paying for their own services? Put the total cost of each of their appointments (plus tip!) on the timeline so they're prepared.

Items That Can't Be Forgotten

Are the bridesmaids all getting ready in your suite or groomsmen gathering at the hotel to get ready after a round of golf? It won't hurt to include a list of what they need to have with them, from bridesmaids' dresses and suits to those cute monogrammed button-downs you gifted them for getting-ready photos.

What Time They're Getting Dressed

Even if your bridesmaids will be with you all day, put in a note about what time they need to start getting dressed. It might be before you put your gown on so they can help you get ready or while you're doing your first look. The same goes for groomsmen. Sure, they take much less time to don their suits, but they'll appreciate knowing they need to be decent when the florist arrives with boutonnieres.

A Basic Photography Timeline

There's no need to spell out the exact order of every picture, but give your family and wedding party a basic idea of when pictures will be taken. Doing all your photos before the ceremony? Make sure your parents and family know to arrive early. And if you're snapping shots after you say "I do," this is a great way to make sure no one strays too far once you've walked down the aisle.

Ceremony and Reception Timeline

Sure, it's all on the invitation, but give your wedding party a little more information so they can be prepared for your big day. Remind them when you'll be walking down the aisle, when cocktail hour begins, and what time guests should be seated for dinner.

You should also include what time your parents, maid of honor, and best man will make toasts! This way they'll be prepared when the MC invites them to the mic—and will know how long they'll want to wait before hitting the bar.

Transportation Information and Addresses

Are you providing a shuttle service for your wedding party (or all of your guests)? Include what time transportation will arrive and depart. If they'll be driving themselves or taking a cab, also make sure to include the addresses of your venue(s) and any parking information they'll need to know.

Important Phone Numbers

You won't want your wedding party or family members calling you with questions the morning of your wedding! Instead, provide them with contact information for your wedding planner or coordinator, the maid of honor and best man, and your parents (in that order). Your planner should be able to answer pretty much any question; however, if they really need to get in touch with you, it should be through your MOH or your mom instead of by texting you directly.

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