Everything We Know So Far About Brittany Snow's Wedding

Without these must-haves, her wedding checklist isn't complete


When Brittany Snow announced her engagement to Tyler Stanaland in February, we were over the moon. And now, the leading actress is dropping a few juicy details about their upcoming nuptials.

Snow explained to to US Weekly on a recent red carpet that she and her fiancé have hired a wedding planner to sort out the nitty gritty details and to ensure their long and particular (emphasis on particular) checklist is complete.

“I want my dog in the weddings. So that’s a big, big thing on the checklist, and we want taco trucks and margaritas," the John Tucker Must Die revealed. Basically, “everything that we love,” Snow added.

They’re also opting for an intimate and small affair. “We want it to be low-key and we just want our friends to be there,” she said. The 33-year-old also revealed to US Weekly that her and Stanaland just started wedding planning. “I mean, we’re not far along. I was doing a movie, then I did a TV show and then I got the flu and then I’ve been doing press for this. So we literally just started wedding planning very recently.”

Though their wedding will be private, the couple has been somewhat open about their relationship—a rarity for Snow. "I'm very public about it for the first time in my life and that's very strange to me," she said before they were engaged. "I made a conscious decision—I'm very private and I made a conscious decision to, I don't know, be less hard on myself." She continued: "I keep things to myself because I feel like the magic gets lost if you promote it too much, but I don’t know!"

For now, we've seen Snow’s gorgeous diamond ring, and and know about her taco truck wedding plan. With those personal details revealed, it’s safe to assume we’ll be hearing more about what's in store for her margarita-filled wedding in the near future.

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