5 Signs You're Dealing with a Groomzilla

Updated 11/12/14

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In the world of modern wedding planning there is a new beast making its way onto the scene. Its origins stem from the species known as the "bridezilla" yet this creature usually boasts more body hair, and fewer pairs of shoes. It's known to wildly screech phrases such as "cigar bar" and "groom's cake," and usually possesses a multitude of unfounded, passionate opinions. That's right, we're talking about the Groomzilla.

Have you encountered one of these fascinating mammals? Are you perhaps engaged to one? Here are some telltale signs that yes, that man is in fact a Groomzilla.

1. He Won't Budge

This man wants basketball-themed centerpieces and he won't compromise. He understands that they completely clash with the established color scheme, but he doesn't care because it's the NBA finals.

2. He Offers Retroactive Opinions

The groomzilla is a unique breed in that he is likely to present no hint of opinions throughout the decision making process, yet often develops very passionate feelings about wedding elements when they're past the point of alteration. Frustration ensues for all parties.

3. He Pouts Over His Lack of Groom Showers

You may hear a Groomzilla mumble something to the effect of, "You get to open so many gifts. Men need underwear and cooking-ware too."

4. He Demands Groom-Centric Activities

Despite the fact that the entire wedding is focused on the bride and groom, the Groomzilla demands even more, man-dedicated attention in the form of cigar bars, groom's cakes, and whiskey tasting. He is, in fact, the belle of the ball, and demands to be treated as such.

5. He Expects Perfection

The Groomzilla species boasts a unique, warped sense of self-importance that usually causes him to believe his wedding is more important than the millions of other weddings taking place in this world. Consequently, he demands perfection — from vendors, his groomsmen, his DJ, and beyond.

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