How Far in Advance Should You Hire a Day- or Month-Of Wedding Coordinator?

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When you're hiring a full-blown wedding planner to help you design, organize, and execute your vision for your big day, it's best to start working with them as soon as possible to make sure they're in the loop from choosing a venue and photographer to assembling welcome bags a few days before your guests arrive. But is hiring a day-of or month-of coordinator a different story? You might think so, since you'll be paying for a shorter period of service, but waiting until the last minute could actually hurt you in the long run. Thankfully, the experts are here to make sure you're as well-equipped as possible as your wedding day approaches.

Just because you're hiring a day-of or month-of coordinator doesn't mean you won't be working with your coordinator farther in advance. Says Sarah Chancey, founder of wedding planning and design company Chancey Charm, "Our month- and day-of clients gain access to our full planning checklist, as well as the list of questions we'll review with them at the final walk-through." This ensures that couples are prepared to hand over the reins when the month of the wedding approaches. "We're also happy to give vendor recommendations along the way — we would rather work with vendors we trust, and our clients benefit from the fact that these vendors have been vetted by us time and again."

"Six to eight months before your wedding is a great time to book a coordinator," says Miranda Tassi, wedding planner and coordinator for Chancey Charm Charlotte. "We won't work intensely together until the month prior to your wedding, but we like to check in once a month to see how things are coming along and if our clients need any advice." So even though you'll be doing the bulk of the planning, you get the benefit of an expert who can make sure you're far enough along on your checklist and haven't missed any major details. "We like to gather everything starting about four to six weeks out from the wedding date, but by booking further in advance, you'll have the benefit of our tools and checklists so you can be successfully prepared," Tassi adds.

And of course, keep demand in mind! Says Chancey, "The most trusted planners book up early, so reaching out earlier never hurts."

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