Is It Rude To Have a Wedding the Day Before a Holiday?

Here's how real wedding guests really feel about it

Updated 07/31/18


Holidays are exciting and special. Typically, they mean a day off from work, perhaps an out-of-town trip, and lots of fun with family and friends. But, what if you have to go to a wedding the day or night before? Say, on the 3rd of July, the night before Thanksgiving, or on New Year’s Eve?

While when and how a couple celebrates their wedding is entirely up to them, we asked real wedding guests how they feel about being invited to a wedding that’s the night before a major holiday.

“It’s totally up to the couple when to have their wedding, but when the holiday falls on a week day and they have their wedding the night before, it’s a huge hassle. Most people have to work that day, and I think Tuesday night weddings are just not cool. I know it’s cheaper though, which is probably why so many people are starting to do it.” — Nicole

“Just no. I wouldn’t go. I say, don’t be cheap and let me enjoy my holiday.” — Tara

“I actually like attending weddings that are the night before holidays. Everyone is already in a celebratory mood because of the upcoming holiday, there’s no pressure to worry about work, and it adds an extra day to the celebration time!” — Merry

“They’re kind of annoying. Unless, you have a Monday off and it’s on a Friday or something.” — Pamela

“We don’t have too many holidays and usually I want to plan something fun, so when there is a wedding involved, the plans change.” — Anat

“They just throw in a wrench. And are a pain. You usually have to pay more for hotels on holidays, and gas is more expensive. And if you have to fly somewhere, flights go up too.” — Jen

“I don’t mind them. It’s whatever the couple wants and I’ll happily go.” — Stacy

“RSVPing yes to a wedding the night before a holiday, for me, depends on how close I am on the person. If it’s a coworker or I know I was on the B-list, I’d be less inclined to go. But if it’s a close friend or family member, it’s probably people I’d spend the next day holiday with anyway, so I’d be more inclined to go and be excited for it.” — Chris

“I think night-before-holiday weddings are rude to be honest, and selfish. Unless it’s a family wedding, then it would be nice to be with all family.” — Christine

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