Dax Shepard Says Jason Bateman Convinced Him to Propose to Kristen Bell!

2011 Getty Images

Thank you, Michael Bluth? If you love Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's marriage (and the hilarious stories of their quickie wedding in City Hall), then you owe Arrested Development star Jason Bateman a note of gratitude. Yes, you read that right. According to Shepard, it was Bateman, his co-star in 2009's Couples Retreat, that gave him a major wake-up call about proposing.

"Jason was first to go, 'Stop f---ing around and marry Kristen," the Parenthood star told People at Baby Buggy's Inaugural Los Angeles Fatherhood Lunch on Wednesday.

"And then you immediately transitioned into 'Get her pregnant,'" Shepard then said to Bateman, who was standing next to him. "I would say you were at the very forefront of cracking the whip on that. And you were dead right."

Okay, that's even more credit than we were expecting! Still, Bateman's urging fell on more than willing ears: Bell and Shepard got engaged in 2010 after three years of dating and finally tied the knot in October 2013. If Shepard's other statements from the event are any indication, then he owes a lot of happiness to Bateman.

Since tying the knot, Bell and Shepard have welcome welcomed two children. "I'm the in-house dance partner," he said of his role as father to daughters Lincoln and Delta. "So an hour a night we dance. Some people have story time before bed, we have a full hour dance party. We whip her into a frenzy and then pop her in the tub and then off to bed."

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