Darren Criss and Mia Swier's Wedding: A Closer Look at the Bride's Custom Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Swier married Darren Criss in New Orleans

Updated 02/21/19

Katie Edwards

Darren Criss and Mia Swier's wedding sounds like it was straight out of a fairy tale—the Tim Burton kind, not the Disney—and we are so here for it. The couple was married in New Orleans this past weekend, in front of friends like Lea Michele, John Stamos, and Lance Bass, and their goal was to keep things as untraditional as can be. Vogue got an inside look at the four-day party, complete with '80s prom night and swamp tour. And the part we can't stop obsessing over? Swier's incredible and unexpected Vera Wang wedding dress.

Katie Edwards

Criss and Swier pledged to do things their way when it came to the wedding day, and it all started with their choice in wedding fashion. While Criss's custom Giorgio Armani off-white tux set the stage for a unique take on wedding fashion, Swier's gorgeous strapless crepe gown with a full tulle skirt seemed classic from the outside. But Wang paired the look with a cathedral-length veil accented in black Chantilly lace and white Doc Martens, adding to the event's overall artsy vibes. “Mia is a free-spirit, artistic, passionate, a musician in her own right!” designer Vera Wang, who was there herself to dress Swier the morning of the wedding, told Vogue. “I envisioned this dress with a bodice of vintage detail and exposed garters dripping over a bed of distressed tulle! I cannot think of a more seductive, playful, or charming look for such a unique bride.”


From officiating their own wedding, to walking each other down the aisle, to changing things up by performing a "first song" instead of having a first dance, this couple had so much fun with breaking tradition. "The whole goal of our wedding was to take traditions and turn them on their heads with our own flair . . . and me playing a brand new ThinLine Telecaster in my white tux with Mia rockin’ out on a matching white Duff McKagan P Bass in a wedding dress and combat boots—that whole moment was probably the pinnacle of that goal,” Criss told Vogue. For a later performance, Swier changed into a second feather-accented wedding dress, another creation by Vera Wang. “Mia’s second dress was a mini and was all about legs, movement, and freedom as she was also performing!” Wang told Vogue. “So cool . . . bride and entertainer!”

For more on Darren Criss and Mia Swier's New Orleans wedding day, head over to Vogue.

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