Daniel Martin Visited Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Their Cottage

...And Instagrammed up a storm

Karwai Tang

Less than a week in, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already making good use of their new home at Frogmore Cottage!

The royal couple welcomed their first guest, Meghan's makeup artist Daniel Martin, to their new home this weekend. Martin was responsible for the duchess's stunning "no-makeup makeup" look on her wedding day, and the pair have been close since long before she was a royal. While he didn't post any pictures of the royals themselves or the inside of Frogmore Cottage, he did share a few photos to his story of their new hometown of Windsor, which you can see here.

The royal couple recently moved into Frogmore Cottage after six months' worth of renovations in order to get the home baby-ready. The palace has yet to share any photos of the interior, but the estate is said to include multiple bedrooms, a gym, a yoga studio, and a gender-neutral nursery.

Earlier this week, the makeup artist shared some of the secrets behind Markle's wedding day look. which will go down in history as one of the greatest bridal beauty moments of all time. "I did have to think about her face in the car, in the church, outside the church, and outside again, along with the fact the wedding was being televised and that she’d be photographed,” he told Us Weekly. “So I knew I couldn’t put too much on her skin because in that time you’d see a transition—and you do see it in the photographs—when she’s in the car with her mother it looks darker and heavier, but in the church it’s much brighter.”

While he has yet to reveal the products he used on Markle, he did share some wisdom that could be applicable to any other bride's big day. “A lot of people don’t realize that water works well with water, so I like to use water-based moisturizers followed by water-based foundations, especially for long-wear,” he said. “Because what happens is any kind of oil will interrupt the synergy, meaning makeup kind of just disappears over time. So if I’m getting somebody ready, I will use water-based moisturizers and serums so the compatibility of foundations is locked down.”

Maybe he's in town to do her makeup after she comes home from the hospital with the royal baby? Just a thought...

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