Why We're Obsessed with This Non-Traditional Wedding Flower

Updated 05/12/16

Katie Stoops Photography

*When choosing your flowers for your wedding, it can be easy to get swept away with the lush, beautiful blooms we all know and love — the peony, the garden rose, dinner plate dahlia. But what about all those other flowers out there that so often get overlooked? We want to make sure all they all of get their day in the sun, so we've started a new monthly series to help you fall in love with some of our favorite under-appreciated flowers. This month, the daffodil! *

Daffodils are often considered somewhat pedestrian in the botanical world, but also such a happy flower as their sunny yellow crowns usually mean the beginning of spring. But not all daffodils are of the yellow variety you're probably used to.

Photo: Floret Flower via Instagram

Check out the huge variety captured by Floret Flower on Instagram, peaches, oranges, the palest blush, these varieties just make us swoon!

Photo: Fleuropean via Instagram

And don't be scared to incorporate these beauties into your centerpieces, like Fleuropean did in this gorgeous "black" and white arrangement. The almost white daffodils contrast with the deep purple hellebores for drama worth of a moody winter wedding we'd love to attend.

Photo: Floraison Flowers via Instagram

To get those beloved peonies in your arrangements and for a lighter, springier vibe, try double white daffodils with pink peonies and tulips and mix in plenty of greenery, like this beautiful centerpiece from Floraison Flowers.

Photo: Design Sponge via Instagram

For a mono-fleur look, we love the idea of bunching together daffodils for small, dense, but impactful arrangements, when grouped en masse on a table, like this photo from Design Sponge.

Any way you incorporate them, daffodils are a cheerful, sweet flower that will brighten up any centerpiece or bouquet!

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