Why You Should Consider a Custom Bridesmaid Dress

For one, it's completely eco-friendly

Updated 10/22/18

Courtesy of Fame and Partners

Maneuvering the bridesmaid dress sphere is typically a dreaded undertaking for all parties involved. Whether the bride calls the shots or the girls have free reign to choose their own gowns, it's still inevitably impossible to please everyone. Take your MOH, who may not-so-subtly agree on your bridesmaid gown color choice. Or, your college best friend who continues to endlessly complain about dropping how much on a dress!? Well, just in time for your upcoming wedding, we come bearing a magical solution: the custom bridesmaid dress route.

There may not be a one-size-fits-all bridesmaid dress for everyone in your wedding party, but outfitting all of your girls in custom bridesmaid dresses provides a simple one-size-fits-all fix. And, thanks to Fame and Partners, you're fully equipped with the perfect one-stop shop to do so.

The clothing brand's recently launched Custom Clothing Studio gives bridal party members total leeway in terms of designing their frocks through a completely user-friendly interface. With the option to choose between 20 colors, 100 silhouettes, 30 necklines, 10 sleeves, six lengths, and inclusive sizing, there's truly something for every bridesmaid style and body type, all priced at $269 or below.

Another perk? Because the made-to-order gowns aren't mass produced like standard bridesmaid dresses, it's actually an eco-friendly shopping alternative. You save money and Mother Nature.

Strappy Wrap Dress

Courtesy of Fame and Partners

SHOP NOW: Fame and Partners, $199

And, in tandem with the Custom Clothing Studio, Brides collaborated with Fame and Partners to create an exclusive line of bridesmaid gowns, all of which (you guessed it) are fully customizable. Because we know that great custom dressmaking power comes with great responsibility (there's almost too many feasible options), the 17-dress collection (designed by Brides editors!) provides plenty of inspo for the big day. Plus, it's not just limited to the bridal party—guests and even brides themselves can take advantage of the exclusive clothing capsule.

Classic Wrap Dress

Courtesy of Fame and Partners

SHOP NOW: Fame and Partners, $239

Shop the Brides x Fame and Partners collection online now, where you also have the option to browse gowns based on wedding venue (high-tech, right?). Your bridesmaid dress dreams will officially be answered, and the wedding party pictures will look oh-so-good.

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